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Black Tie Coffee was founded by coffee lover and serial entrepreneur Tyler Gillespie in early  2013 with a dream of bringing craft, boutique coffee to anyone with a home address. Discover and learn about each new boutique coffee partners, but also each year see how our donations benefit charities all over the world.  We want and believe we have re-defined the “Coffee for a Cause” business model. Donating 25% of our profits each year to charities. What’s unique is that we will actually document and share where our money goes through our Coffee Blog.  There is an abundance of spectacular craft coffee roasters and coffee shops worldwide. But as a consumer you only taste what’s in a small radius of where you live and work everyday.  Black Tie Coffee wants to bridge the gap and actually give YOU the consumer an opportunity and access to try some of the best coffee in the world. We partner with only the top coffee companies and roasters available worldwide and offer direct access to their freshly brewed coffee twice each month.  Scroll below to see who our monthly partner is this month! 

“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.”
― Justina Chen

Our Partners

Each month Black Tie Coffee partners with a new Boutique Coffee Company & roaster. Taking you on a coffee adventure like never before. Try some of the best, freshly roasted coffee and connect with some of the hottest coffee roasters in the world. You’ll receive two 10oz bags of freshly roasted whole bean coffee blends each and every month. See who our coffee partner is this month below:

March 2014: Pergamino Cafe & Roaster from Medellin Colombia
Boutique Coffee Partners


$20per month.
  • 10-oz bag of just Green Coffee Beans sent twice per month
  • Like to roast yourself? This green coffee subscription is for you
  • New Variety of Green Coffee beans each month
  • Direct to your front door
  • Cancel anytime. No Commitments
$35per month.
  • 10-oz bag of delicious whole bean coffee shipped every two weeks
  • Thats 70 cups of coffee every month!
  • New Variety. New Roaster. Every Month.
  • Boutique High Quality Coffee
  • Sourced Worldwide
  • Direct to your Front Door
  • Cancel anytime. No Commitments
$12sample pack.
  • 6oz sample direct from our Colombian Partner
  • Try before you buy!
  • This particular sample pack is unique. Grown at roughly 6k ft, its from the coffee region of Antioquia, Colombia.
  • A delicate coffee with subtle notes of lemongrass and black tea, and a sweet finish reminiscent of honey.

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